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Bridal Restoration, Cleaning, and Preservation

Bridal Restoration

Heirloom wedding gowns can add even more meaning to your special day.  Often times, however, these dresses have suffered years of yellowing or other minor damage because they were never preserved in a way that would ensure their protection.  The experts at French Cleaners are specialists in restoring antique and vintage textiles.  Whether removing stains, brightening yellowed fabric, replacing trims or lace, repairing damaged areas, or making alterations, our professionals have the skills and knowledge necessary to return your dress to its former splendor.  Be sure to bring your gown in for restoration before selecting pieces like your veil and shoes, and before undertaking any alterations.  Ask our seamstresses about reworking your heirloom gown to give it a more contemporary shape and feel.


Bridal Cleaning

Your wedding gown was chosen because it, and every detail on it, reflects how you want to feel on your special day.  When the day is over, be sure your gown is cared for in the manner it deserves.  At French Cleaners, we treat each gown individually – thoroughly inspecting your gown for obvious (and not so obvious) spots or necessary repairs.  We then photograph your dress from various angles for reference, and record images of any stains or areas of concern.  Our expert stain remover evaluates stains individually, carefully spot-treating and gently loosening them before cleaning.  Finally, depending on your gown’s care requirements, we’ll either wetclean your dress in gentle, eco-friendly detergents, or use our organic hydrocarbon drycleaning solvent, which is non-corrosive to delicate beads and trim.  Your wedding gown isn’t like any other garment, and French Cleaners will treat it as the beautifully unique piece that it is.

Bridal Preservation

Preserving your gown for future generations is a gift that your daughters and granddaughters will thank you for.  Ensuring that your gown is preserved properly is French Cleaners’ own unique gift.  After cleaning, we’ll inspect your gown thoroughly (again!) to ensure that all stains have been removed, that all trim is securely fastened, and that all minor repairs have been completed.  We then ask you to do the same, holding your gown until you can personally inspect and approve the final results of our expert bridal cleaning services.  After inspection, your gown will be packed using acid-free, archival-quality Museum Quality packaging materials, and placed in a muslin outer bag.  One last photo of your gown is taken as it is being packed, and the photo is fastened to the outside of the storage box for easy identification.  With the correct preservation processes like those offered by French Cleaners, you can ensure your gown stays beautiful for generations to come.

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