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Couture Care

French Cleaners has built a reputation for quality work – especially in the areas of stain removal and textile restoration.  In fact, customers have learned to ask that special garments be put on “Phil’s Line”.  That’s because Phil, French Cleaners’ owner, had developed an extraordinary talent in dealing with couture garments, restoration, and stain removal.  As the demand for “Phil’s Line” increased, Phil began to train his best employees, sharing his tricks and secrets, teaching them to provide the same high quality work, and coaching them in achieving the same impeccable results. 

The result is French Cleaners’ Couture Care.  Couture Care includes inspection by our most senior inspector, spotting by highly trained professional, and hand finishing by our senior finishers.  Garments are hand-packaged on specialty hangers and stuffed with tissue as needed to maintain the shape, and keep them looking great.  We recommend Couture Care for all garments with an above-average price, fancy or unusual trim elements, or any garment you wish to have a little extra pampering.