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Pickup and Delivery FAQs

Q: Do I pay the driver? A; No, we will bill you once per month to the credit card of your choice.

Q: How long does it take? A: Our regular schedule is Monday/Thursday, Tuesday/Friday, or Wednesday /Wednesday. But, we are always there for you if you need it any faster, let’s say in an emergency or special situation. Just call us. We can help. Q: Where do I leave the clothes? A: Try to pick a spot which is protected from the weather if possible, such as at a door with an overhang. We also service clients inside garages or porches. Our route representative can go over some ideas with you to help you choose the best place. Q: What if I don’t have a hook to hang the items on? A: Not to worry, we do! We have specially designed hooks to place over a door or will custom mount an attractive hook in any spot you desire. You just show us where and we do the work. Q: What if my delivery day falls on a holiday? A: We will normally skip the holiday and visit you on your next scheduled pickup. If, however, you need service sooner, just call and let us know and we will make special arrangements for you. Q: What if I only want service once in a while? A: We will be happy to put you on an “On-Call” status. What this means is that you simply notify us by phone and we will come by when you have items ready. You can call anytime, even at night. We have a message service to take your message and check it every morning. Q: Where do I start? A: Call us today to get started.