We are long-time customers because of your

“wonderful employees” and the top notch

service they render. I’m sure you share our

high regard for their contribution to “being the

best”. Thanks Again

Just a short note to thank you and your staff

(wonderful!) for recovering my gold cuff links.

It is nice to know there is still an honest business

out there.

As I stated in my letter, I felt your service was

impeccable and was hoping I would be able to

find a comparable cleaner here in California.

Thanks so much for all your work! In particular,

the white jacket with black detail and black

(velveteen) collar and cuffs. I truly appreciate it!

I know how hard you personally worked on getting a suitable replacement spread for the one damaged in cleaning last fall. – for this, I am grateful. You certainly did your utmost to please and satisfy your customer, and you should be commended for that. Your efforts did not go unnoticed. You are an excellent “service oriented business”, firm. Thank you.

I am a regular client of your. I want to comment on 2 of your employees. Your delivery person and the receptionist. These 2 people are outstanding to deal with. They are always helpful, polite and efficient and a pleasure to deal with.

I am truly indebted to you for the wonderful service you offered me yesterday. I am an interior architectural colorist and am so “attached” to the tools of my trade. When you cleaned up my color box I was ecstatic. Thank you so very much. You did a beautiful job to make me Very, Very happy. All best wishes and thanks.

Very Very Happy with the way her white long silk jacket with black buttons came out.

Thank you so much for handling our recent problem so well and efficiently. I appreciate it. Take Care.

Once again, you came to my rescue. Thank you so much for restoring my jacket. I look forward to wearing it this weekend for the gala wedding and reception we are attending in New Orleans.

You can be sure that I will spread your name and your service to those friends of mine in Connecticut who are using other cleaners. Once again may I say “Thank You” and I wish you the best of everything in the future.

Thank you for caring and attention to detail throughout the year. It is a pleasure doing business with you.

I am excited with the return of my apricot silk pants suit from your establishment. I was so thrilled that you were able to clean it for me. Florida could certainly use some classy, knowledgeable cleaning establishments so please accept my sincere thanks. Believe me, I will spread the word!!!

Thank You! – This is what I call the best Customer Service ever.

Thank you so much for the wonderful job that was done pressing the Commencement robes for our Golden Reunion class of 1953. Our ladies were so pleased to see all of their regalia lovingly arranged on hangers, awaiting their arrival. A couple of them had tears in their eyes when they told us that they had not felt so special since the day they were married. It would not have been half as nice withour your assistance. Thank you again.

Excellent tailoring! I’ve used your shop on several occasions and have never been disappointed.

Special wishes to us for a wonderful wedding thanks to you. Thanks to you, I will feel so special in my wedding dress; thanks to you, George will think “How Beautiful."

I am shocked and excited at how my mom’s wedding dress was restored. It is stunning and I can’t wair for my big day! Your diligence and skill absolutely shine. After seeing the dress knowing what it looked like before. It was so important to me to wear my mother’s dress and you made my dreams come true. Thanks so much. Ps. See you in February for a fitting!!

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